General Questions

First we must define what "simple" really means. If we are talking about a website with not special features and graphical demands, with 4 or 5 inner pages and with a more demonstrative role, then we talk about a price range between 250€-400€.
We take approximately 10 working days to deliver a fully functional eshop. In order for this to occur we must have all essential data delivered at the first stage of development and have concluded with the desired style, functions and structure of the eshop.
This is a very difficult question to give you a single answer. In fact an eshop may cost you from 1000€ to 50.000€ or maybe more according to your needs, demands and size of your brand. If you are a huge firm then your client may expect something enormous and highly advanced and of course you cannot dissapoint them. You must therefore present them with the most lucrative, efficient and high tech image of your eshop that fit to your existing look. Everyting counts, and everything matters when it comes to a digital transformation of your existing and succesful brand. Your decided to go online in order to gain more customers and provide more buying solutions to your existing ones. If you loose customers then this may cost you more than you can imagine. On the other hand if you are just starting out your digital brand things are quite much simplier. You can start with a small budget of 1000€ and pay more as you go, and as your eshop grows. That means that you will gain profit and then grow. Low risk, small but solid steps to digital growth. Ask us to make your financial plan for your future shop.
Custom software development is our little diamond. It is what differates us from companies who work on ready coding standards. We can create anything a mind can capture. We give life to your ideas. We are programmers and that pretty much says it all.
Mobile apps are the future, and we couldn't miss being a part of that. We have deep knowledge and experience in developing mobile apps, in particular we develop Android Apps, IOS Apps, JAVA Apps. Talk to us to find out more. Give as a challenge! We live for them.

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